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Commercial Fishing Permits NY

Although one naturally associates New York with the financial markets, the truth is that the fishing industry is a major player in the New yorkers economy. If you are considering entering into this particular business it is better you make sure you comply with the appropriate NY Commercial Fishing Permits.

Commercial Fishing is a multi-billion dollar industry and a key aspect of the American economy. When there is money, however, it needs to be regulated, and this area of commerce is strictly overlooked by the American authorities. Before you load your boat up and start navigating the Hudson River, it is important to check you are current with the corresponding regulations.

Division of Marine Resources

Over New York, there are a number of different species you will be able to find. Trouts, Basses, Salmon, Pikes, and Tuna… are some of the main native freshwater fish you would be able to catch. To preserve them, the New York Division of Marine Resources (DMR) hands down quotas. So if you will be fishing in this area, is this department the authority that will be in charge of issuing the corresponding licenses? Keep in mind that the Division of Marine Resources is in control of all the rivers and lakes waters, and the area compounded from the coastline up to three nautical miles from shore.

Some of the permits that will grant you access to fishing in NY waters are the Hudson River Marine Permit Application which allows the taking and landing of fish from the Hudson River with commercial gear for commercial purposes or the Shellfish Digger Permit and Shellfish Digger Resident Application that allows the harvest of clams, mussels, oysters and scallops from certified or open state waters for commercial purposes. Non-residents who decide to fish in the state may be required to pay extra fees.

Everything About the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

There is a slight chance that you need to go further into the ocean to catch the bigger fish. If that’s the case, the area that goes from 3 nautical miles from shore up to 200 nautical miles, depends on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This department will allow you to obtain Commercial Fishing Permits in NY and the rest of the United States as well. To do so, they divide the country into five regions. New York is part of the Atlantic.

Apart from the habilitation from the NOAA to be able to cast your nets, your ship will need to comply with the United States Coast Guard requirements: every commercial vessel with a weight over 5 net tons will need to be registered at a federal level.

Commercial Fishing Permits NY

The Commercial Fishing Permits Center can Help You Out

Let’s face it: not everyone has the time to deal with three! Different departments to get the permits you need: NOAA, USCG, and DMR. Luckily for you, the Commercial Fishing Permits Center noticed this inconvenience, and we allow you to get all of your paperwork done in the same place.

Furthermore, having an extra pair of eyes overlooking the documentation can prove to be helpful, given that not having your documentation right is risking you paying costly fines. Just select the permits you are looking for, not only the NY Commercial Fishing Permit but also any other documentation you may need. Once you have done that, complete your details on our fully encrypted platform, and let us do the rest!

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