NJ Commercial Fishing Permits: Why Do You Need Them?

NJ Commercial Fishing Permits

Fishing has a rich history in New Jersey. For over 300 years, the state’s fishermen have been bringing home some of the finest fish caught anywhere in the world. The seafood industry that grew up along the state’s coastline shaped how a large part of the landscape would come to look, with fishing villages evolving into familiar towns. It is no secret then that people still one to start fishing businesses in New Jersey. And if that is your case, you will want to read this article about the different types of commercial fishing permits in NJ.

Getting the Proper Commercial Fishing Permits in New Jersey

New Jerseyans will back me up. The waters are stocked with hips of valuable species. Shellfish, trouts, basses, crabs, and oysters are just some of the more than 90 fish species you can find in the ecosystem. If you want to launch a commercial fishing operation, however, you will need to make sure you have the proper Nj commercial fishing permits. This documentation will be an important part of your success, the same way as an equipped boat or an experienced crew.

As with any other government-related licensing matter, it will involve a sea of paperwork. State and federal waters will need different types of permits and so will the species. That is where the Commercial Fishing Permits Center comes into place: we provide a third-party service that helps with the process.

Where Can You Get the Permit Fishing Forms?

In the state of New Jersey whether you are fishing commercially or recreationally you will most likely need a fishing license. The type of license you should get varies depending on if you are a resident or not, if you are exploring marine or freshwater and, as we said, the main purpose of your activity. The licenses and permits are issued by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife and the Note Creek Research Station.

The forms can be obtained from their sites and sent via postal mail. In New Jersey, as we said, there is a wide array of species available for harvesting. The more the species, the more permits.

NJ Commercial Fishing Permits

All of your Permits in Just One Place

Once you have decided what to catch you can concentrate on the paperwork. If you don’t feel like taking care of yourself by looking for the forms, printing them out, paying for them, going to the post office, and sending them out, we got you covered. Forms can be obtained from the Commercial Fishing Permits Center as well. Furthermore, we can give you advice on what permits to get depending on what your plans are.

To obtain the NJ commercial fishing permits from our site, you just need to press the state button at the top of the website. You will then see that the state of New Jersey comes up on the left side of the page. Once you press it, it is a matter of deciding if you want to obtain marine or freshwater permits. Select the option accordingly and then it is a matter of just filling up the forms on our fully SSL-encrypted site. Although it may be a bit more expensive than doing them yourself, you can get the documentation from the comfort of your house, and have the security that an extra pair of eyes will give a second look at them. If there is anything else we may assist you with, do not hesitate to contact us!

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