No “Red Herrings” – Straight Info About NOAA Permits for Herring

NOAA permits

Beginning to fish for herring but don’t know which NOAA permits are right for your vessel? Or, have you started to look into it, only to find that you don’t know which sources of information you can trust? In regards to some permits, there are very specific regulations. That’s absolutely the case when it comes to fishing for herring. Whether you work in herring or any other kind of fish, here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we can do that much more to ensure you get the permits that are just right for you. 

NOAA Permits Categories in Regards to Herring 

If your vessel is less than 165 feet in overall length, has a shaft horsepower of less than 3,000, and is below 750 gross registered tons, then you can register for fishing herring at our site. There are five different permit categories, A, B, C, D, and E. D is the most common while B is the least. If you have any questions about which category is right for you, we’re more than glad to discuss that with you. 

Limits on Fishing Herring to Keep in Mind

The truth is that, unfortunately, as of this writing, herring levels are considered to be “significantly below target population level.” While a rebuilding plan is in development, right now, there are tight limits on how much herring one can fish. This is reflected in the permits. For example, if you’re Category E, then your catch limit is 20,000 pounds per trip/day in specific Areas 2 and 3. By that same token, should you be Category D, then your limit per trip/day is 6,600 lb, but that’s in all areas. Category C, which is described as “Incidental Catch Limited Access,” maintains a 55,000 lb. per trip/day in all areas, while Category B is described as “Areas 2, 3 Limited Access” yet has a catch limit that’s unlimited in those areas. Category A, lastly, has all areas limited access but the catch limit is also unlimited in all areas. 

Fishing Permits for More than Just Herring 

With the population levels being what they are, it’s understandable that some commercial fishing professionals are looking to fish something other than just herring. To that end, we have many different forms at our site to enable you to fish what you want legally. Many of these fish are in the same waters as the herring, so that you can use your vessel to make a good living. 

Easily Completed Herring Forms 

When it comes to many of these forms, the more information they possess, the more options they have, the more you can feel: “what’s going on?” With so many options, it might be difficult to figure out which is right for your needs. This is why we employ a top-notch staff. They aren’t just folks we pulled off of the street; rather, they’re experienced professionals in regards to fishing permits and more. To talk to one of our pros, call: (866) 292-4204 or send us an email. 

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