NOAA Permits to Fish on the High Seas

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Are you searching for the right permit to fish on the “high seas?” Does it seem like each of the NOAA permits sites you look at overpromise and underdeliver? We’ve found that’s all too common in this industry. At our site, we offer commercial fishing permits for commercial fishing professionals of all kinds. That means being able to find the permits you need to fish for practically anything you would wherever you would want legally. One example of this: our permits for fishing on “the high seas.” 

NOAA Permits in Compliance 

The permits at our site put you in compliance with the High Seas Fishing Compliance Act. Once you’ve gotten the permit, you’ll be allowed to operate your vessel on the high seas. Some things to keep in mind: you have to have your vessel marked for identification purposes. Moreover, you can’t use your vessel in “contravention of international conservation and management measures recognized by the United States or in a manner that would violate a permit condition.” that particular regulation, like so many others, has high stakes yet is also vague. If you have further questions, our staff will be very happy to answer them. 

When the Rules Adjust, We Adjust Our Forms 

We know that our commercial fishing clients really don’t have time in their lives to be up to date on every little change to the forms. That’s why we take care of that for you. These “High Seas” forms are a great example. In January of 2016, the rules were changed in regards to monitoring of US fishing vessels on the high seas, in terms of permitting, reporting, and more. You’ll need to carry mobile transceiver units, carry observers in some cases, that kind of thing. When this occurs with any of our forms, we update it on our site. 

What to Know for the Form Itself 

The “High Seas” may sound like a vague term, but in actuality, it’s a real place. There are certain fisheries that, when you have this permit, you’ll actually be fishing on. When you fill out this form, you have to mark those fisheries. That said (and this is important) you need to actually have any and all permits associated with those fisheries and meet the reporting requirements to be in compliance. So, even if you have this “High Seas” permit, you’ll also need the “South Pacific Albacore Troll Fishing” permit to be in compliance. 

All the Permits for Your Commercial Fishing 

You might have read the last couple of paragraphs and thought: “Wow, that all sounds pretty complicated.” Yes, it can be. That said, you’ll have someone on your side: us. We’re always on the side of commercial fishing pros like yourself. So, you can fill out all of these forms at our site, Commercial Fishing Permits in a manner of minutes. That said, if you have additional questions, our staff will be more than happy to answer them. You can reach us at (866) 292-4204. 

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