Oregon Commercial Fishing Permits and Other Useful Forms

Oregon Commercial Fishing Permits

Fish businesses in the US require their whole lot of documentation to comply with. If you happen to live in Oregon, commercial fishing permits are no exception: there are plenty of them, and every fish boat is required to have them. This article is going to explain to you what the different types of permits that can be obtained and a short explanation of them.

List of Commercial Fishing Permits in Oregon 

At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, there are eight different types of permits that can be obtained. To help you out, we will give you a brief description of each of them, so you then submit the one you need. You can do this at our SSL encrypted site. Without further ado, here is the list:

Commercial Fish License

Does it require an explanation? You need a license if you want to legally operate a fish business in Oregon.

Transfer Application

This permit may allow you to:

  • Transfer permit to a different vessel and new permit holder.
  • Transfer permit to different vessel under same ownership as current vessel.
  • Transfer permit and vessel to new owner (Ownership Change).

Buyer’s License Application

This is a fish buyer application. Applicants must have a wholesale fish dealer license. The fish buyer license is not transferable.

Wholesale License Application

This application is used to apply for wholesale fish dealers, shellfish canner or fish canner.

Limited Fish Sellers Application

The Limited Fish Seller Permit allows a properly licensed fisher to sell all species of commercially caught food fish and shellfish. The fish and shellfish must be: 1) Caught by the vessel owned or operated by the fisher, 2) Sold by the fisher off the vessel (in the water), and 3) Sold to the ultimate consumer (By definition, a restaurant is also considered an ultimate consumer). This application can be used for first time applications or renewals.

Tuna Landing License

This one is a special license that allows a boat to commercially land tuna only. There are two types of license. One that does not require a vessel to have an Oregon commercial boat license or crew licenses. And a Commercially Licensed Vessel Tuna Landing License, for those boats with a state commercial license landing only.

Oregon Commercial Fishing Permits

Every Form can be Found at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center

As you can see, there are infinite options when it comes to Oregon Commercial Fishing Permits, we just wrote some of the most common ones. At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center all of them can be obtained, so just go back to the home site, select Oregon permits, fill the form you need to complete for your business, and let us do the rest!.

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