Pacific Island Federal Commercial Fishing: Opportunity Out West

Pacific Island Federal Commercial Fishing

Are you considering expanding your commercial fishing operation out to the Pacific Island region? Do you already fish there and are trying to find a better way to deal with the different forms of documentation you might need? No matter what you fish or where you fish for it, you don’t have time to waste taking too long to complete documentation. Here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we make it easier to complete the documentation you may need, whether it’s Pacific Island federal commercial fishing permits or anything else. 

Western Pacific Receiving Permit 

Does your business include receiving pelagic species that are loaded or transshipped from a permitted longline fishing vessel within the EEZ in the western Pacific? If that’s the case, then we can help you to stay in compliance. One thing we often remind even experienced commercial fishing professionals about this form: it has a set deadline. Whereas other forms may be due during the end of the month in which you initially applied for it, or the end of the birth month of the owner, this one has a hard deadline: March 3rd. You can renew it annually, but March 3rd is always and forever the deadline.

Foreign EEZ 

Speaking of the “Foreign EEZ,” we have the permits to help you to get into compliance so that you can fish there as well. If you’re going to fish commercially for highly migratory species in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Convention Area in areas under the jurisdiction of any nation other than the United States, then you’re probably going to want this form. (After all, the “highly migratory species” aren’t aware that they’re heading into another country’s waters.) With this form, you can greatly expand exactly where and when you can fish. 

Staying in Compliance With Everything You’ll Need 

While the above are two of the more popular forms that we offer for the Pacific Island regions, they’re far from all that we can help your business with. Additionally, you can find such useful, general forms as the “Western Pacific General Longline Permit,” the “Western Pacific Precious Corals Permit,” and others. Additionally, we have permits that allow you to fish for what you want in remote regions as well. The “Pacific Remote Island Areas Bottomfish Permit,” for example, can help you to expand your business in multiple, profitable ways. 

All Pacific Island Federal Commercial Fishing Permits and Beyond 

We know how challenging it can be for your business to keep up with all of the different permits as well as their respective deadlines. To that end, we’ve made it possible for you to renew them, too. As we’ve fully optimized our site for mobile, you can fill out these forms from just about anywhere you have a connection to the internet. You can even be at the dock or out on the water. Any questions? We’re happy to answer them at (866) 292-4204. 

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