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commercial fishing permits

Have you been pondering the idea of a career change? Are you growing sick and tired of staring at the four walls of your cubicle or home office? If you are ready to step away from the keyboard and really work with your hands, commercial fishing may be an ideal career path for you. If you have a real passion for angling and a desire to work outdoors, catching and selling fish could be the trade that changes your life. Of course, commercial fishing is not exactly a walk in the park. Anyone who has caught an episode or two of “Deadliest Catch” can tell you that this line of work is often carried out in harsh conditions while handling dangerous, heavy equipment. If you are willing to put in the long, arduous hours at sea, however, fishing for a living can prove lucrative. Before you can untie from the dock and head out to your fishery of choice, though, you will want to make sure that you have the proper state and federal commercial fishing permits in order to legally operate your business.

While fishing may be your hobby of choice, turning it into your career calls for a bit more preparation than packing your bait and filling your cooler with snacks. First, you are going to want to ensure that your boat is in good working order for the rigours of commercial fishing. That means installing the proper nets and lines and double-checking your supply of life jackets and first aid kits. You may also want to hire a crew of seasoned fishermen who know the areas you will be fishing in–you can lean on their expertise, especially if you are newer to the industry. Lastly, having the right paperwork with state and federal agencies is a must. Commercial fishing is a fairly well-regulated industry, so you will want to make sure that you are in compliance with the law.

Which Commercial Fishing Permits Do You Need?

Before you start filling out applications for a slew of commercial fishing licenses, you are going to want to ask yourself two key questions: 1. Where will you be fishing? And; 2. What will you be fishing for? The reason for this is that fishing permits and licenses are generally issued by region and species. If you will be fishing on inland waters, or within three nautical miles from shore, that will require licenses from your local state authority. Anything between three and 200 nautical miles out from land is under federal jurisdiction. To fish in these territories, you will need to seek out the appropriate permits from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

commercial fishing permits

Find the Licenses You Need Online

At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we are a private service that can assist you with obtaining permits at the state level, as well as all major NOAA regions (Alaska, the West Coast, the Pacific Islands, the South, and the Atlantic). To learn more about our services, take a few moments to explore our website, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

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