Renew & Transfer a Tuna Federal Commercial Fishing License, Permit & More

tuna federal commercial fishing license

Have you been trying to apply for or renew your Tuna federal commercial fishing license or permit, only to find that it’s a far, far more difficult procedure than you would have thought? Are you getting your commercial fishing business into fishing for tuna and want to make sure that you’re in compliance with all of the authorities before you head out on the water? Here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we’ve helped so many commercial fishing professionals at every stage of their journey. Many of our clients started with us when they were just starting, only to return time and time again for their permits. There are many reasons for that, not the least of which is that we just make the process as simple and quick as possible. 


Atlantic Tuna Longline Commercial Fishing Permit Options 


At our site, you can find multiple forms of the “Atlantic Tuna Longline Commercial Fishing Permit (Limited Access).” We make it possible to renew your permit. However, if you want to transfer your permit, you can do that through our site as well. Should you want to apply for an Operator Card, we can assist there, too. Remember, one thing that each of these forms has in common: the deadline to renew is the last day of the permit holder’s birth month. That’s true if the permit holder is a person, a business, and so forth. In fact, if the vessel is leased, the expiration date is the last day of the last full month of the lease term. 


Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: More Than “The Chicken of the Sea”


There’s plenty of good news about these tuna. For example, they’re profitable. After all, the old phrase “Tuna is the chicken of the sea” didn’t come about because folks were abstaining from eating tuna. Additionally, as of this writing, the Fishing Rate is considered to be “at recommended level.” However, the thing to keep in mind is that there are real rules to keep in mind when it comes to fishing for these tuna. For example, there are annual quotas as well as sub quotas. There are minimum size limits, time/area closures and even gear restrictions. If you have any questions about any of this, our staff will be happy to help. 


Beyond A Tuna Federal Commercial Fishing License for Your Vessel 


Tuna fishing in the Atlantic Ocean has been a way for Americans to provide for their community while making a great living for centuries at this point. At our site, we have all of the forms to enable you to do so legally, but we also have forms to fish for many other kinds of species in the Atlantic as well. Summer Flounder, Atlantic Herring, Monk Fish, Atlantic DEep-Sea Red Crab, Spiny Dogfish, Scup, Whiting, Black Sea Bass, Atlantic Sea Scallop, and others – those are just a few of what’s available. When you want to fish the Atlantic, we can help you to have the right forms. Any questions? For more: (866) 292-4204.

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