Replace Federal Commercial Fishing Permit and Forms from All Over

replace federal commercial fishing permit

Have you lost or otherwise misplaced a federal commercial fishing permit and want an easier way to get a new one? Has it felt like the entire commercial fishing permit process, from the beginning to the end, has become way too difficult? We understand that when you need a permit replaced, you need it replaced right now. Not several months from now, not “eventually,” but as soon as possible. At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we make it easier for commercial fishing professionals like yourself to acquire replacements for your forms and so much more. Read on to learn how can you quickly replace federal commercial fishing permit.


Replace Federal Commercial Fishing Permit: Lost, Destroyed, or Stolen 


At our site, we offer fishing permits from literally all across the United States (and into some EEZs as well). So, we also have replacements for forms from all over, too. For example, we offer the “Application for Replacement of Certificates or Permits” in Alaska. That one form works as a replacement for more than twenty different Alaskan commercial fishing forms. “Crab IFQ Hired Master Permit,” “Halibut/Sablefish Transfer Eligibility Certificate (TEC),” “American Fisheries Act (AFA) Inshore Cooperative,” “Subsistence Halibut Registration Certificate (SHARC)” and many others. Whether your forms were lost, destroyed, stolen, or needed to be replaced for another reason, we make it easier. 


New Vessel Replacement Forms 


Many of the “replacement” forms at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center aren’t about “replacing” the forms. Rather, they’re appropriate when you’ve replaced your old vessel with another one. Then, these serve as a replacement for the prior permit. For example, right now at our site, we have the “Amendment 80 Vessel Replacement.” This form allows a vessel that was covered under a previous Amendment 80 permit to be replaced by a new vessel. Staying in Alaska, the “American Fisheries Act (AFA) Permit: Rebuilt, Replacement, or Removed Vessel Application” both serves as a way to apply for the removal or replacement of an AFA Inshore Catcher Vessel Cooperative permit and as a notification the AFA vessel was rebuilt. 


Specialized Replacement Forms for Commercial Fishing Specialists


If your vessel is going to be deployed in scallop fisheries in Federal waters off of Alaska, they’re going to want a valid Scallop License Limitation Program (SLLP) license. It’s our goal to be able to offer as many commercial fishing pros as possible the forms that they need. Sure, this form won’t be right for everyone, but it will be what some commercial fisherpeople need to fish how they want. 


Applying for Forms for the First Time As Well 


While this blog has touched on some of the replacement forms that we offer, a majority of the forms at our site are either transfers or applications for new permits. Whether you’re fishing in Alaska, New England, the Pacific Island Region, the west coast, the Caribbean, or just about anywhere else around America, you can find the forms you need at our site. You’ll be able to find a way to replace them, too. For more: (866) 292-4204. 

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