Replace Federal Commercial Fishing Permit When You Need to Right Here

replace federal commercial fishing permit

Do you need to replace Federal commercial fishing permit yet it’s not easy to do so? Does the idea of sitting down at your desk to fill out the documentation to replace a permit strike you as abhorrent? We believe that the entire commercial fishing permits process should be easy on commercial fishing professionals, period. Moreover, we believe that’s true whether they’re getting an initial permit, renewing it, replacing it, or anything else. We make it easier to replace many of the permits, licenses, and documentation that you may need to stay in compliance with the authorities. 

Replace a Federal Commercial Fishing Permit in Alaska 

A strong majority of the “replacement” applications at our site are for the state of Alaska. There’s a very good reason for that: Alaska is filled with opportunities and potential for commercial fishing professionals. Some of the most popular “replacement” forms at our site are the “Application for Replacement of Certificates or Permits” for Alaska Federal Fisheries Permits and Federal Processor Permits. Additionally, we offer a replacement of certificates or permit for IFQ Halibut and Sablefish and CDQ Halibut Program. We understand that often when you need a replacement, it’s not through choice. That’s just one of the reasons we offer forms like the “IFQ Sablefish REquest for Replacement of Longline Pot Gear Tags.” That can come in handy if your pot tags have gotten lost, been stolen, or even mutilated. We see it as one more way we can help. 

replace federal commercial fishing permit

More Than Just Replacement: Renewal and Removal 

Continuing On with the Alaskan replacement forms, we offer what’s called the “American Fisheries Act (AFA) Permit: Rebuilt, Replacement, or Removed Vessel Application.” With this form, you can apply to get your American Fisheries Act (AFA) Inshore Catcher Vessel Cooperative Permit replaced or, alternatively, removed as well. Still, others use this form as a notification that their vessel has been rebuilt.

Replacing Documentation 

If you’ve been commercially fishing for some time, then you probably already know that many of these forms also require you to have your vessel registered with the Coast Guard. In our quest to offer our customers as much as possible, you can also use our site to apply for and get a Certificate of Registration. If your certificate is lost or mutilated, you do need a new one to be in compliance. That said, don’t fret: you can get a replacement for that at our site, too. 

All You Need to Commercial Fish in Compliance 

The above are just a sampling of the replacement forms that we offer at our site. It’s very natural to go to our site or read one of our blogs and think: “OK, I know that’s probably what I need for my vessel, for my business, but I’m not 100% sure.” If that’s the case, our staff will be more than happy to help you out. We have a highly-trained staff on hand who can answer all of your questions at 

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