Requirements for Getting a Commercial Fishing License in Georgia

Commercial Fishing License in Georgia

Did you know you need a commercial fishing license to fish in Georgia? If you’re unfamiliar with the region, this requirement for a commercial license might appear to be an insurmountable obstacle to entry. However, the requirement for a commercial fishing license in Georgia serves two purposes: it safeguards the state’s natural resources and ensures that individuals pursuing such a license are highly skilled in their field. A commercial fishing license can be obtained by anybody willing to put in the effort and is committed to doing so. In this article, we will discuss the requirements that must be met for you to be granted a license to engage in commercial fishing. The following is a list of the essential criteria that you must fulfill:

Proof of Residency in Georgia

Commercial fishermen in Georgia are needed to prove their Georgia residency when applying for a fishing license. To apply for a commercial fishing license in Georgia, you need to have a resident sign as a witness. This is not a question about where you live now; rather, it is intended to verify that you have been a state resident for the last 30 days. It’s not hard to demonstrate proof of residence; a driver’s license is the most reliable choice, but a letter from a family member or roommate attesting to your 30-day stay is also acceptable. You may also choose to provide evidence of your Georgia residencies, such as a lease agreement or student ID card from a Georgia college or institution.

Citizenship or Legal Permanent Residence in The United States

U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is the following prerequisite. This is for the protection of the local aquatic life and your own. A valid passport and an up-to-date alien registration card are required of all non-U.S. citizens. Commercial fishing licenses require applicants to be 18 years old; however, some jurisdictions may permit fishing by those younger than 18. Most states stipulate that applicants for a commercial fishing license in Georgia must have completed high school or its equivalent.

However, just three months of education are necessary to work as a commercial fisherman in areas like Alabama. However, if you want to advance in your work, you may consider returning to school to take the last courses you need or get a bachelor’s degree, even if doing so isn’t strictly required to obtain a license. You must provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States if you are not a citizen. You’ll also need to supply your valid Social Security number and pay any costs to get your license.

You Must Be At Least 18 Years Old to Obtain a Commercial Fishing License in Georgia

If you’ve ever considered going into commercial fishing, you know it’s not as simple as some may have you believe. When you get your hands on a fishing pole, you won’t run out and start fishing in the sea, lakes, or rivers. That’s because, legally speaking, you need to check off a few boxes before you can start calling yourself a commercial fisherman. Your age is a significant factor to consider. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a commercial fishing license in Georgia. 

If you’re under 18, you can’t lawfully fish for commercial reasons during the few periods of the year when commercial fishing is authorized in certain jurisdictions. Before applying for a commercial fishing license in Georgia, you should research the relevant regulations in your home state to find out what is expected of you.

Commercial Fishing License in Georgia

Valid Driver’s License or Identification Card

Be aware that to get your license to engage in commercial fishing, you will need to fulfill several prerequisites before you can do so. You will be required to provide a current identification card or driver’s license that is in good standing. In this particular state, a current and valid license to engage in commercial fishing is necessary for the person in charge of the operation. Suppose your business includes fish processing in any way, shape, or form. 

In that case, you will be required to have an active food service permit and a current permit from the Georgia Department of Agriculture for that particular site. It is also crucial to remember that if you are at least 16 years old, you will be required to present proof that you have successfully finished a boater education course authorized by Georgia.

When you want a commercial fishing license in Georgia, know the requirements. Contact Commercial Fishing Permits Center at (866) 292-4204 for more information.

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