Selling Your Boat Goes Beyond Having An Accurate Coast Guard Bill of Sale

Coast Guard Bill of Sale

Selling your boat can be an overwhelming and time consuming task. However, making sure you follow the appropriate steps and complete the documentation correctly can make the entire process much easier. That includes the Coast Guard bill of sale, which is required to go along with any transaction involving selling your boat. But that’s not all you need to do before selling. Here’s what you should know beyond the bill of sale to get your boat ready for a sale. 

Make it Clean and Shiny

One of the best things you can do to make your boat more attractive to buyers is to keep it clean and shiny. Make the effort to clean your boat regularly and keep it looking its best. This prevents corrosion and other issues that come from built up dirt and debris and will make your boat a more appealing choice to buyers. Consider washing and polishing the outside of the boat anytime a buyer comes to look at the boat. 

Make All Necessary Repairs

Buyers may avoid a boat that needs a lot of work, so make sure that all repairs are addressed before you start the selling process. That means changing the air filters, swapping out the oil and putting in new spark plugs. You might also consider updating your electronics, including the depth finder, the stereo and the navigation system. Make sure all safety gear is up to date and operable. All of these steps will make your boat a much better buy.

Offer Appealing Photos

If you’re listing your boat online, consider putting some time and effort into capturing it with photographs. Take photos from a variety of angles to showcase the best of what the vessel has to offer. Pay attention to the background so that you can see all of the features the boat has that sets it apart from others. Make sure the photos you take show off the boat the best you can for the best results. 

Include All the Relevant Details

It’s also important to list all the details when you list your boat for sale. This includes its specs – size and length, make and model, year of manufacture, condition, upgrades, maintenance and any other special features the boat has to offer. This can attract buyers who are looking for certain amenities and can help your boat appear more appealing to others that don’t have as much information available. 

Completing the Coast Guard Bill of Sale

Once you’ve found a buyer, be sure that you accurately complete the bill of sale for the boat. It should include contact information for both parties, details about the boat, the price of the boat and the date and location of the sale. This helps prevent disputes in the future and allows for the legal transfer of ownership once the sale is complete. 

Coast Guard Bill of Sale

If you need more help with the Coast Guard Bill of Sale, we’re here for you. Contact the Commercial Fisheries Permit Center today and we’ll guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. 

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