South Atlantic Federal Commercial Fishing for Swordfish

South Atlantic Federal commercial fishing

Before you take your commercial swordfish vessel out on the water, have you made sure that you’re in compliance with all applicable permits? Have you been looking for an easier way to apply for South Atlantic Federal commercial fishing permits? Fishing for swordfish is a great way to make a lot of money. But, you have to go about it properly. Just as you wouldn’t go out on the water without the proper safety precautions, you don’t want to go out lacking the right permits, too. At our site, we can make sure you’re in compliance no matter where fishing takes you. 

A Swordfish General Permit 

Most of the permits you’ll find in regards to swordfish make it possible to commercially fish for and retain North Atlantic swordfish. Specifically, they make it possible to do with different kinds of methods: harpoons, hand lines, green-stick, “bandit gear,” as well as the traditional rod and reel. As with so many other permits, these must be renewed annually. The last thing you want to do is to go to all of the trouble to get that equipment only to not be in compliance. That’s why, when it comes to swordfish fishing or any other kinds of permits, our staff is more than ready to help. 

South Atlantic Federal Commercial Fishing Permits for Swordfish at Our Site 

As of this writing, you can find many different forms for swordfish. You might think: “wait, you mentioned ‘North Atlantic Swordfish’ in the last paragraph, but this header said ‘South Atlantic?” The truth is that the “North Atlantic Swordfish” goes to many areas other than just the North Atlantic. They can be found in waters that are tropical as well as cold. You can find them in the Indian and Pacific oceans just as much as you can in the Atlantic. So, at our site, you can easily send in your forms for swordfish, such as the “Incidental Commercial Fishing Permit,” “Handgear Commercial Fishing Permit,” “Directed Commercial Fishing Permit,” and others. 

What to Know When Swordfish Fishing 

Swordfish are an opportunity for your commercial fishing business, but they come with responsibility, too. For example, there are annual catch limits. There are minimum size requirements as well as landing restrictions. Fishing activities, catch documenting, and sales may have to be reported. Swordfish are above the target population level, so there’s plenty of opportunities out there. 

More to the Sea than Just Swordfish 

That said, there’s plenty of opportunity in other kinds of fish, too. We know that for many, they don’t end up fishing just one species in one area for their entire careers. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer as many different permits and forms as possible. That way, commercial fishing professionals like you can fish what they want to fish where they want to fish for it. If you have any questions about fishing for swordfish, what the requirements are, or anything else related to permits, you can call us at (866) 292-4204. 

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