South Atlantic Federal Commercial Fishing Permits for Penaeid Shrimp

fishing permits for shrimp

Have you been looking for more ways to make money fishing in the South Atlantic? Are you on the hunt for South Atlantic Federal commercial fishing permits for penaeid shrimp? That’s just one of the many forms we offer here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center. Indeed, it’s just one of the forms that we offer for fishing in the South Atlantic, much less all throughout America and the EEZ.  We not only make it easier to access these forms, but to fill them out and get in compliance, too.

Fishing Permits for Penaeid Shrimp 

Simply put, these permits make it possible to be in compliance with the powers that be when you fish for penaeid shrimp in the South Atlantic region. With this form, you will have to renew it annually, on the last day of the permit holder’s birth month. Again, that’s not the month that you originally got the form in, but the last day of the month of the permit holder’s birthday. To obtain this permit, you need to have at least submitted an application for the Vessel EEZ as well as have Coast Guard Documentation or a valid state registration. The former we can help with at our site, too. 

Penaeid Shrimp Explained 

For this permit, you’ll be able to fish for Pink Shrimp, Brown Shrimp, and White Shrimp in the South Atlantic. Beyond just having the permits, to be in compliance when you fish for these shrimp, you’ll need to submit fishing trip reports for each trip. You’ll note we did not say “you’ll need to submit these for every few trips,” “every month of trips,” or anything like that. No, you’ll need to send them for every single trip. If selected, observers must be carried aboard vessels, too. These observers will be there to collect data on the bycatch, the catch, the fishing gear, as well as the fishing effort, too. 

Fishing Throughout the South Atlantic

At our site, Commercial Fishing Permits, we have more than a dozen different forms for fishing in the South Atlantic alone. If that’s your region, we’ve got you covered. We have so many clients over the years who have used our site to get one form, fish all they want, and then determine that they actually have a better opportunity before them to fish for something else. So, they use our site to get in compliance with that, too. 

A Commercial Fishing Permits Center on Your Side 

We know that when it comes to filing these forms, for many of our clients, time is of the essence. So, to expedite the process, we have a team of “document processors” on hand. What they do is they go through your forms and, if they find any tiny errors that the powers that be could potentially use to slow your application, we fix them fast. It’s one more way that we can help. For more email or give us a call: (866) 292-4204.

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