South Commercial Fishing Permits for Atlantic Dolphin Wahoo

South Commercial Fishing Permits

Have you been searching for an easier way to file all of your south commercial fishing permits? Do you fish for Wahoo and/or Mahi Mahi and wish there was a way to make the permitting process go a bit easier? That’s where we come in. We know the enormous time constraints that commercial fishing professionals are under. Every minute you spend filling out forms is a minute that could be spent taking care of something else. At our site, you’ll find the forms you need for what you want to fish. 

A Word About These South Commercial Fishing Permits

We’re often asked about when to renew these permits. The true answer is: “it depends.” Specifically, it depends on if the vessel owner is an individual (as it is in most cases), then the permit expiration date will be the last day of the permit holder’s birth month. By that same token, if a business owns the vessel, then the expiration date is the last day of the month in which the company had been originally formed. Now, we understand that many of the folks who apply for this permit lease their vessels. In that case, the expiration date is the last day of the last full month of the lease term. 

Mahi Mahi

If you want to fish Mahi Mahi, this is a good time to do so. Their population level is far above target levels and their fishing status is at recommended levels, so there’s plenty of opportunity in Mahi Mahi. Bear in mind, however, there are regulations in place to minimize the bycatch of these fish. Additionally, should you be fishing for these off of the waters of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, there are minimum size limits in place. That way, the smaller fish can be protected, too. 


Everything we said in the first couple sentences of the last paragraph about Mahi Mahi can also safely be said about Wahoo, so feel free to fish for them.  That said, to make sure that these fish stay that way, there are certain limits in place. For example, there are recreational bag, possession, and commercial trips as well as minimum size limits. Management measures change depending on where you fish for them. For example, in the South Atlantic Council jurisdiction, management measures apply – but management measures do not apply in the Gulf of Mexico.

Other South Commercial Fishing Permits and More

The above just goes over one of the many, many permits that we offer for fishing in the South. Whether you’re fishing in the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, or elsewhere off of the coast of the US South, we’ve got the forms you need. Of course, we’ve also got the forms you need for fishing in the north, west, and east, too. If you have any questions about these forms, we have a trained staff on hand who can answer any of your questions. In fact, they can walk you through a form, step by step if you’d like. For more: (866) 292-4204.

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