The 5 Types of Washington State Commercial Fishing Permits

washington state commercial fishing permits

We are sure that, when we say Washington, fishing is not the first activity that comes to your mind. Aerospace, information and communications technology, forest products, military and defense… Those are some of the activities amongst the key industries. However, as every state with a coast, there is another important activity for the local economy: fishing. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about Washington State commercial fishing Permits, in the case you want to start your own fishing business.

Five State Commercial Fishing Categories

To make it easier for you, the Commercial Fishing Permits Center (CFPC) has categorized the types of fishing you can obtain in five different categories:

  • Fish Stocking and Transport
  • Shellfish Import and Transfer Permits
  • Open Entry Commercial Licenses
  • Limited Entry Fisheries Commercial Licenses
  • Miscellaneous Commercial Licenses

Fish Stocking and Transport

In this category, you can obtain both these permits.

The purpose of the Fish Transport permit is to protect our native fish species, so ​​an approved Fish Transport Permit is required to transport fish into and through Washington State.

A Fish Stocking Permit, on the other hand, ​​is required to plant fish into lakes or ponds in Washington State. If you are applying for a Fish Stocking Permit, you do not need to also apply for a Fish Transport Permit. 

Shellfish Import and Transfer Permits

They are intended to reduce risk associated with introducing and spreading shellfish disease agents and harmful aquatic pest organisms.

Anyone seeking to import or possess live aquatic invertebrates from outside the state of Washington into the state needs a Shellfish Import Permit.

A Shellfish Transfer Permit on the other hand,  is needed by people wishing to transfer shellfish, shellfish aquaculture products (such as seed, cultch, and shell), aquaculture equipment (such as vessels and vehicles) or any marine organisms adversely affecting shellfish, into or contacting state waters. 

Open Entry Commercial Licenses

There are five types of Open Entry Commercial Licenses you can obtain at the CFPC. Guide, Wholesale and Shellfish licenses on one hand and Emerging Commercial Fishery Licenses and Food Fish Gear licenses on the other.

Limited Entry Fisheries Commercial Licenses

All of the different types of limited Entry Fisheries Commercial Licenses are limited by moratorium. An existing license may be transferred to another owner. In this category, you can get Salmon, Shellfish and Herring Licenses and Emerging Commercial Fishery Licenses.

Furthermore, in the category “other licenses”, you can get Sardine, Puget Sound, Sea Urchin Dive and Sea Cucumber Dive licenses.

Miscellaneous Commercial Licenses

The Miscellaneous Commercial Licenses includes

  • Vessel and-or operator change
  • Undesignated crew member
  • Replacement License card
  • Aquatic farm registration
  • Transfers
  • Alternate operator
  • Vessel use in geoduck harvesting

washington state commercial fishing permits

All of your Forms in One Place

As you may have noticed by now, setting up your own fishing business is not as easy as it looks. If you want any help with your Washington state commercial fishing permits, then the Commercial Fishing Permits Center (CFPC) is the place to be. Our fully encrypted site allows us to have all the forms you need while keeping your information safe. Just complete the document you need and let us do the rest!

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