The Benefits of Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits

alaska commercial fishing permits

There are few joys in life as pleasurable as fishing. Out on the open water, experiencing nature, and reeling in fish after fish is a relaxing and rewarding way to spend your day. If you are thinking about turning your pastime into a profession and making the leap toward a career in commercial fishing, however, there are a few pieces of information to know before you get started. For starters, you will want to get the right Alaska commercial fishing permits for your business.

Nicknamed “The Last Frontier,” Alaska is home to some of the most expansive coastline in the United States. Between the offerings of the northern Pacific Ocean, and the many inland freshwater lakes and rivers, Alaska is unparalleled when it comes to commercial fishing opportunities. If you are thinking about getting into the commercial or industrial fishing business, you could do a lot worse than setting up your outfit on Alaskan waters.

alaska commercial fishing permits

Who Needs Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits?

The practice of catching and selling fish is an old one. Most modern civilizations have engaged in this mode of commerce, and in the U.S., it still remains a big business. On average, commercial fishermen in the U.S. land more than 9 billion pounds of seafood annually. That translates to about $5.5 billion in revenue. With so much money to be made, commercial fishing operations are abundant, particularly in Alaska, which is home to a much sought-after type of salmon, as well as other seafood.

Whether you are a one-person commercial fishing operation or part of a larger-scale industrial business, you will need a commercial fishing permit. In simpler terms, anyone catching and selling fish in Alaska will need the proper permit or license to do so.

Which Permit Do I Need to Obtain?

Just as there are many types of fish in the sea, so too are there different types of permits. Because commercial fishing is a well-regulated industry, there are an array of different licenses and permits that fishermen such as yourself may need to acquire in order to operate legally.

The type of permit you will need first depends on the area in which you are fishing. State waters, which extend from zero to three nautical miles from shore, carry different permits than their federal counterparts. Anything beyond the state water limits up to a range of 200 nautical miles is considered federal territory. As you may be able to deduce, state permits can be obtained through the appropriate Alaskan government agencies. Federal permits are granted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Permits are also issued at the species level. For example, if you are fishing in Alaskan Halibut fisheries, you will need a specific permit to do so. Rockfish, scallops, and Chinook salmon also have individualized permits.

Once you have developed your business plan and figured out what your desired catch will be, it is prudent to begin applications for all of the necessary permits. Remember, different fishing practices, such as netting, trapping, and longlining may also have their own permit requirements to adhere to.

Other Gear for Your Commercial Fishing Needs

Beyond a boat and fishing tackle, starting a commercial fishing business –especially in the treacherous Alaskan climate– means making additional preparations. Make sure that you have a first aid kit and ample life jackets for you and your crew. Durable boots and gloves are also crucial to protecting your extremities from the elements. Oilskins, sweaters, and sweatpants are also helpful pieces for commercial fishermen.

If all of your gear is in order and you have identified the permits and licenses you need, it is time to complete some paperwork. Once you have identified the necessary documents on the Alaska state and NOAA websites and printed them out, you can fill them out with ink and mail them to the appropriate agency locations.

Of course, there is also an easier way. At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we are a private service that specializes in helping commercial and industrial fishermen obtain the licenses and permits they need for their businesses to thrive. No matter what you are catching, chances are, the Commercial Fishing Permits Center can help.

Take a moment to explore the navigation menu on the top of our website. You will see that we offer a number of permits and licenses for all major commercial fishing regions of the United States. We eliminate the hassle of printing and mailing paper forms by creating easy-to-navigate web documents. We strip out the confusing bureaucratic jargon and the fine print so that you can complete your applications quickly and accurately. Contact us today to learn more about how you can apply for the fishing permits you need using our secure, SSL-encrypted web portal. Our helpful customer service representatives are also standing by ready to answer your questions.

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