Tips for Buying a Commercial Fishing Permit in NY

commercial fishing permit

Obtaining a commercial fishing license in NY may be challenging and worthwhile. You can get an appointment that works well for you and your company if you follow the advice in this blog post. The possession of a commercial fishing license (sometimes known as a “fishing license”) grants the bearer the legal right to engage in commercial fishing activities in a particular body of water.

It is against the law to go fishing without one, and the state is the one that issues them. Anyone above 16 who fishes must have a valid commercial fishing license for at least the last five years.

General and individual commercial fishing licenses are the two most common options. With a general permit, you may fish for profit in any body of water in the state. Fishing on a single state-designated body of water is restricted to those who have obtained a specific fishing permit.

Get Your Permit Early

In New York, acquiring a commercial fishing license in NY couldn’t be simpler. To apply for a permit, visit our website, print out an application, fill it out completely, and send it back to us along with a check for the appropriate amount.

If everything checks out, you should get your permission in the mail shortly after the application submission. Commercial fishermen may obtain either a boat license or a shore license. All vessels used for commercial fishing need boat permits (such as sailboats and motorboats). Only particular kinds of nets that aren’t tied to any form of boat or vessel are allowed to be used from the beach with permission.

Both freshwater and saltwater fishing are covered under the licenses. The cost of both business license types varies with your application’s duration. If you intend to fish only from shorelines (and no other fish from boats), your license will be valid for an entire year from the date of application.

Make Sure Your Business Is Legal When Acquiring A Commercial Fishing License in NY

Be sure that your fishing operation is within the bounds of the law before applying for a commercial fishing license in New York. This is among the essential pieces of advice. If you are not a citizen of the United States, you will be required to provide either your green card or your visa.

You will also need a social security number or an unknown number, depending on whether you are a United States citizen. To purchase the permit, you will be required to provide evidence that you are a resident of the location where you want to fish. You will be required to provide proof that it is your principal residence if you do not live there.

Find Out How Many Days You Need To Fish

To ensure you have enough permits for your fishing expedition, acquiring extras is a good idea. It’s common practice for anglers to purchase large quantities of fishing licenses, so bulk discounts are often available.

Some fishing licenses are only accessible to people who have bought them for a whole year, so this is very important if you want to fish for an extended time. A day permit may be sufficient if your trip is a one-and-done and you have no plans to feel again.

Knowing the days, you’ll need to fish before applying for a permit will save you time and effort. The number of available days may change throughout the year, with fewer permits being given during peak seasons and more being made available during off-peak periods.

Know Your Fishing Rules, Regulations, and Laws

Before applying for a commercial fishing license in NY, you must familiarize yourself with local fishing laws and regulations. If you’ve never fished, check out some books from the library or a bookshop.

You could also find local guides or professional anglers to see if they would be willing to share any of their expertise with you. If you have any fishing experience, you should be aware of and follow all local fishing laws.

A common misconception is that there is an infinite supply of fish. There are restrictions on what can be caught and kept. This is crucial for ensuring our fisheries’ long-term viability and a steady fish supply for years to come.

commercial fishing permit

Buy an Annual License

Remember that every fisherman who wants to fish for a livelihood in New York State must get a commercial fishing permit from the state. Tickets are offered yearly, triennial, and permanent, and some are valid only in certain parts of the state. The most frequent licensing terms are one year and three years. However, they may be expensive.

If you want to spend less than five years’ money on yearly permits, you may save money by purchasing a lifetime license. If you’re beginning to fish sometimes or want to go out with some buddies now and again, you should obtain a more affordable yearly or three-year license.

The Commercial Fishing Permits Center is an excellent resource for anyone interested in buying a commercial fishing permit in New York. Their staff is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you might have. To contact them, call 866-292-4204.

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