Transfer Federal Commercial Fishing Permit for Hawaii Longline Facts

federal commercial fishing permit

Have you been looking for a simple way to take care of a transfer federal commercial fishing permit? Does it feel like this process is far more involved than it should be? Here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we wanted to simplify this as well as everything else related to commercial fishing permits. So, if you want to do your transfer paperwork, we’ve got you covered. To use an example, we highlighted the “Hawaii Longline Limited Entry Permit” for this blog. 

What This Form is For 

You’re going to need this form if you’re looking to use longline gear to fish for pelagic species in the EEZ around Hawaii. Or, alternatively, this form is also for any folks who plan on landing or transshipping longline catch in Hawaii or within the EEZ around Hawaii. If you do get one of these forms, it’s important to note that it has to be renewed annually. Whereas many of these forms have to be renewed by the end of the month of the year in which you renewed them, this one has a very specific date: March 3rd. 

Why Transfers are Necessary 

The Hawaii longline fishery is a limited entry fishery. In fact, it’s a very limited fishery. There are only 164 permits available. So, no new permits can be issued. That’s why we help with transferring these, as there are no new ones available. To be clear, you can use it for more than just in Hawaii and the EEZ around Hawaii. 

Where You Can (and CAnnot) Fish With This Permit 

It’s also good for longline gear and land longline catch fishing in the Northern Mariana Islands, Pacific Remote Island Areas, and Guam, too. You can use it to fish outside the EEZ in American Samoa or land fish in American Samoa caught outside the EEZ around American Samoa. But, you can’t use it to fish within the EEZ around American Samoa. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to help. 

What You’ll Need to Utilize this Form 

Having this permit, even if someone transfers it to you, is not enough to be able to go out there and fish by itself. Additionally, you’ll have to have a Marine Mammal Authorization Program certificate and it has to be on the vessel. A valid Hawaii longline permit registered to the vessel has to be on board, too. The operator of the vessel has to carry a valid Protected Species Workshop certificate on board, too. Those are just some of the requirements.  

Transfer Federal Commercial Fishing Permit Paperwork and More 

This is far from the only form that we facilitate transfers for. Indeed, there are plenty of other transfer forms you can find at our site. That way, whoever wants to be able to fish how they want will be able to do so while in compliance with the powers that be. To see everything that we have, head to our site. Any questions? Give us a call at (866) 292-4204 or fill out our contact form. 

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