Tuna Federal Commercial Fishing License in the North, South, and West

tuna federal commercial fishing license

Do you fish for tuna commercially but find filling out the licensing forms to be a pain? Are you searching for a better way to get a tuna federal commercial fishing license for your area? If that’s the case, then we can help. Here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we’ve helped commercial fishing folks all across America to find and keep the right licensing for their needs. Now, we can do the same for you, whether you’re in the Southeast or on the West Coast. 

Tuna Federal Commercial Fishing License for Atlantic Longline Tuna 

One of our most popular tuna fishing forms is the “Atlantic Tuna Longline Commercial Fishing Permit (Open Access).” It’s not difficult to see why, with this permit, you can fish for Atlantic Tuna such as Bigeye, Yellowfin, and Skipjack, as well as Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and North Atlantic Albacore Tuna. That said, if you have this permit, you can’t have any other Atlantic Tunas permits, nor can you have an HMS Caribbean Small Boat Permit Commercial Fishing Permit in conjunction with this one. 

tuna federal commercial fishing license

Renewing These Forms at the Right Time 

At our site, you can transfer and renew these Atlantic Tuna Longline commercial fishing permits. If you’re interested in the latter, you have to do it at the right time. Specifically, if you are the vessel owner and holder of the permit, then the expiration date, each year, will be the last day of your birth month. Do you own the vessel with others? In that case, the expiration date is the last day of the managing owner’s birth month. Is your vessel owned by a business? If so, it doesn’t go by the CEO or founder’s birth month, but rather, the last day of the month that the company was originally formed. Keeping that date in mind makes it that much less likely that you’ll ever miss it. 

Tuna Treaty Permit 

Another of our more popular tuna forms is the “Tuna Treaty Permit.” This permit comes from a 1981 agreement between the US and Canada which makes it possible for US vessels to fish albacore 12 miles seaward from shore in Canadian waters. Additionally, United States’ vessels can use certain Canadian ports to obtain services, supplies, and even to land fish. There’s a time limit on this each year, though: you can only fish in Canada’s EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) between June 15th and Halloween. 

An Improved Method for Tuna Licensing and More 

No matter how you want to fish for tuna in and around the United States, it’s likely that we’ll be able to help you out. Additionally, our help goes so much further than just offering the forms. We’ve made it possible at our site to fill out these forms from just about anywhere, on any device, so long as you’re connected to the internet. If you have any questions about these tuna forms or any others, our staff can help at (866) 292-4204.

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