Tuna Federal Commercial Fishing License Permit Forms We Offer

tuna federal commercial fishing license

Do you need a tuna federal commercial fishing license permit for the Atlantic? Or, alternatively, have you been looking for a better, easier way to fish for tuna in the Pacific? No matter which side of the country you’re looking to fish, we can help you to get the permits and licensing you need to be able to fish that much better, that much faster. In some cases, we even offer multiple ways to get the permit that you need. 

A Tuna Treaty Permit for the West Coast 

In 1981, the US and Canada agreed to let some Canadian vessels fish for albacore tuna in American waters. Specifically, those waters were seaward of twelve miles from shore. Additionally, Canadian vessels can use particular US ports for supplies, services, and to land fish. American vessels are allowed to do the same thing: fish for albacore in Canada’s waters seaward of 12 miles from shore and use some ports. That said, US vessels are only allowed to fish in Canada’s EEZ from June 15th through Halloween. 

Atlantic Tuna Longline Commercial Fishing Permit 

With this permit, you can fish in the Atlantic for Western Atlantic Bluefin tuna, Atlantic Yellowfin tuna, Atlantic Bigeye tuna, as well as Atlantic Skipjack tuna and North Atlantic Albacore tuna, too. At our site, you can transfer this permit, you can renew it, and apply for an operator card, too. In terms of renewal, remember, you have to renew it annually. Moreover, the expiration date is the last day of the birth month of the person who holds the permit. So, if your birthday is in December, then the permit has to be renewed by New Year’s Eve. 

What You Can and Can’t Fish For With This Permit 

We know that many of our clients fish for multiple species in an area. With some of these permits and licenses, however, you need to be careful about exactly which permits you can and can’t have. For example, with this Atlantic Tuna Longline Commercial Fishing Permit, you can’t have any other permits for Atlantic Tuna. Moreover, you can’t have an HMS Caribbean Small Boat Permit Commercial Fishing Permit. One requirement for this permit: you must have a valid SF (SFI or SFD) permit as well as a valid SK (SKI or SKD) permit, too. (Sometimes, these three are referred to as a “tri-pack.”)

A Better Tuna Federal Commercial Fishing License Permit System 

It’s perfectly understood if you’ve read to this point and thought: “I just want to fish for tuna commercially, I don’t want to have to learn all of these different acronyms,” and so forth. One of our goals is to make this process that much easier on commercial fishing professionals like yourself. So, if you have any questions,  we have trained staff on hand who are more than happy to answer them. They can even walk you through the forms if you would like. Just give us a call at (866) 292-4204 or contact us online here.

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