Understand US Commercial Fishing Permit Regulations Before You Start a Business

Commercial Fishing Permit

A commercial fishing business can be quite lucrative, but it’s imperative that you are fully aware of all regulations before you get started. This ensures that you operate legally and can continue to do so without penalties or fines. Having a commercial fishing permit is part of the process. Use this guide to help you understand all of the guidelines so you are properly permitted before you begin fishing. 

Obtain the Right Permit

There are several kinds of fishing permits, based on where you fish and the species of fish you catch. Each such permit carries its own regulations, including gear size, types of gear you can use, guidelines for reporting, and other rules. Be sure you are getting the correct fishing permit to avoid being hit with penalties or fines that can cost you time and money. 

Consider Endangered Species

Some species of fish and other sea life are protected and, either you can’t fish for them at all, or there are regulations regarding how much of a given creature you can legally catch. In addition to quotas, there may be regulations about the size and type of gear you can use to catch fish and seasonal parts of the year when fishing for certain species is closed. Complying with these rules protects the animals themselves, but also prevents fines and penalties. 

Stay Up to Date with Regulations

From time to time, fishing permit regulations may change or be updated. It’s up to you to stay on top of this so you know if you need to make changes to your fishing operation. This might happen when species need to be protected or quotas having to do with sustainability are changed. Even unknowingly violating these regulations can result in consequences, so be sure you stay on top of any changes as they occur. 

Stay Competitive

As with any business, commercial fishing can be quite competitive. Being properly permitted keeps you competitive by allowing you to catch the full quantity without exceeding legal quotas. That ensures that you make the most profit that you can with each of your daily hauls. You’ll build trust with your customers when you are legal and able to prove it. Operating a competitive business that allows you to make a living is much easier to do when you know the rules and follow them. 

Commercial Fishing Permit

Getting Help

It can be overwhelming and challenging to stay on top of the regulations required of commercial fishermen. Staying fully compliant should be one of your top priorities and finding the right help is important. Fortunately, it’s fast and easy to apply for permits online, as well as update them when they are due to expire. You can also find all of the current regulations online, so you can ensure that you are meeting all of them. Taking some of the time and effort out of the process ensures that you are compliant, without concern about fines and penalties. 

Do you need to apply for a commercial fishing permit? You’re in the right place. Let the Commercial Fishing Permits Center help. Contact us today and we’ll help you get through the entire process. 

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