USCG Documentation and More: What Sets Commercial Fishing Permits Apart

USCG Documentation

Have you grown weary of having to go to site after site to find everything you need for your commercial fishing business? Does it feel like too much of a chore to have to go to one place for your federal permits, another for your state licensing, and then somewhere else for your USCG documentation? We’ve always believed that. It’s one of the reasons we created our site: so that vessel owners could do all of those in one place. 

Easy USCG Documentation Process 

As you may very well know, if you are using a vessel that’s 25 feet or longer for commercial fishing operations in the United States, then you’re going to have to document it with the USCG. We can help with this process. You can do so right on our site, in the same place where you can find all of your state and federal fishing permits and licenses as well. That way, you can do everything all at once, with just a few presses of a button. We’ve found that this greatly expedites the process for our clients. 

Expedited Services 

Speaking of “expediting the process,” we can help there in multiple ways. We know that when it comes to your vessel documentation or so many of your fishing permits and forms, you may need them very quickly. To that end, we offer rush processing. For a fee, we’ll put your forms right at the top of our queue. That way, you can receive everything back that much faster. When it comes to your commercial fishing business, you don’t want anything to be held up because of documentation. We can help to keep that from happening. 

Resources for Professionals 

On that same topic, we know that if there are typos and little errors in your forms, that could potentially delay your documentation. We can help there, too. When you send your forms to us, our document processors will go through them thoroughly. We’ll find any errors in there, no matter how small, minor, and so forth. Then, we’ll fix them. Worst to worst, if necessary, we’ll reach out to you for clarification. But, that way, we can make it so that when we pass your forms along to the powers that be, there’s essentially no reason that they should be held up at all. 

USCG Documentation

Commercial Fishing Permits Across America 

Practically no matter where you plan on operating your commercial fishing business, you can find the forms for permit and license applications right here. For example, we have a wealth of forms for fishing in and around Alaska. These include federal as well as Alaska state forms. That way, you can be in compliance long before you head out from port. By that same token, we have forms for the Atlantic Coast, from Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico as well. If you want to fish in America commercially, we very well may have the forms you need. To see how we can help, click here. 

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