Vessel Abstract of Title for Commercial Fishing in the US

Vessel Abstract of Title

A vessel abstract of title is a record of all the documents that were submitted to the United States Coast Guard for a specific boat. In other words, it serves the purpose of a complete synopsis of the historical events related to the ship, such as the changes of ownership, mortgages, and lien recordings. In this article, we will explain what it precisely is and the differences with a full transcript of the title.

Information you can find on a Vessel Abstract of Title

On a vessel abstract of title, you will normally be able to find the name of the boat, the Coast Guard number, the Hull Identification Number (HIN), the date and place it was built, and the manufacturer’s name. 

Additionally to the information, there are three documents you may be able to find as well: the bill of sale, the ship mortgage (and if it was satisfied or not), and the claim of lien (and if it was satisfied or not).

Keep in mind that the details you can check in the abstract are the ones from when the boat was registered with the US Coast Guard. If the boat was, let’s say, sold abroad for some time, the USCG will have no registry of the vessel during those times. A full transcript of the boat’s title history, however, includes that type of information even if the boat was not registered with the US Coast Guard.

Why Would you Get a Vessel Abstract of Title?

To put it simply, they gather everything there is to know about your vessel’s background in the same place. The bill of sale will serve the purpose of confirming the ownership of your boat. The claim of lien notice can give the owner information about past damages, and the notice of mortgage information about the financial history. Finally, the HIN and Coast Guard numbers can prove that the vessel was purchased under legitimate circumstances if they match the numbers displayed on the vessel.

Vessel Abstract of Title

Get your Abstract of Title Today With Our Help!

As you can probably imagine, a vessel’s abstract of title can be obtained online with the help of the Commercial Fishing Permit Center. Yes, sometimes it is not enough with the fish permits you need to get: your boat has to meet the boating requirements as well.

If you want to get it with our help, you only need to go to the USCG documentation label, on the right side of our site. Once you‘ve gone there, you will notice that the abstract of the title is only the second documentation that comes up. If you are still feeling stressed about it, do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff. You can call us, email us and there is even an online chat. The Commercial Fishing Permit Center has got you covered!

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