Vessel Documentation for Commercial Fishing: Is It Mandatory?

Commercial Fishing

Fishing for a living is one of the oldest practices by mankind. All along with history, ships have sailed away to provide individuals or communities with seafood, be it for subsistence or trade. As time went by and societies developed, regulations and requirements have aroused regarding commercial fishing to organize and control these activities. 

Modern-day commercial fishing in the US has to meet the United States Coast Guard requirements to operate properly. There are many forms you need to fill and get approval before you engage in fishing activities for commercial purposes. One of them is vessel documentation. Learn everything about it to comply with the authorities and fish at ease.

USCG Documented Vessels

Commercial fishing, along with other coastwise activities like people/cargo transportation, has to be carried on in documented ships. If the vessel measures less than five net tons (25 feet or less) but is not intended for recreational use, you can’t apply for state registration. You must get documentation from the Federal Government through the United States Coast Guard. 

To apply properly for documentation, you must be a US citizen and provide documentation that proves you own the vessel. Once you get your USCG documentation, you can then apply for commercial fishing permits for the region and the type of fish you are seeking.

Commercial Fishing

Acquiring Documentation For Commercial Fishing

Dealing with paperwork to document your vessel first and fishing permits after can be quite difficult if you don’t have the time for it. Each documentation processing has its times. The forms can be a bit confusing to follow, and you may not be clear as to the information you need to provide to make sure the forms are complete.

Documenting your vessel for commercial fishing no longer has to be challenging. We can assist you to ease up the documentation process. Our website is designed to be clear and precise on the info you need to fill the right forms.

Get Your Vessel Documented Today

The sooner you process the United States Coast Guard documentation, the faster you can engage in commercial fishing. Let us help you. Find the applications you need here on our site so you can send them to us electronically and we can take care of the rest for you. For your security, our website is SSL encrypted so any sensitive data is protected all the time. We will check all the information is complete before referring to the USCG so you can stay at ease.

The procedure is simple: look for the initial vessel documentation form on our website. Complete the form, submit the docs and fees and we’ll take care of the rest. Feel free to contact us for more information. Commercial fishing will be just around the corner in no time.

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