Vessel Documentation for Commercial Fishing

commercial fishing

Commercial fishing is one of the most common coastwise activities in the United States. Every year, thousands of boat owners buy rods, harpoons, fishnets, and whatever fishing tools you can think of as their means of subsistence.

Are you planning to use your ship or to acquire one to go fishing? There are some procedures and requirements you need to meet before getting into the water and engaging in commercial activities. Complying with the authorities will let you fish without a problem. It’s important to know what you may require for it so you can stay at ease. Learn all about the USCG documentation for commercial fishing.

commercial fishing

Documenting Your Vessel With The US Coast Guard

Engaging in water commercial activities such as fishing requires federal-level documentation. State registration, like normal pleasure vessels under five net tons,  is not enough for the purpose you are seeking. USCG documentation, normally called ‘vessel documentation’, is mandatory at all times. You don’t want to get caught fishing without the appropriate documentation. Fines can be pretty high and your ship may be disabled to sail if you try to pursue commercial fishing with state registration.

Vessel documentation not only allows you to fish for commercial purposes but has many other advantages as well. You can apply for preferred ship mortgages, enter and leave international ports easier protected under the US flag, vessel marking, ship background, and title assurance, among others. Once you have documented your ship, you can apply for the specific commercial fishing permit you need.

How Do I Acquire USCG Documentation?

You don’t have to make a fuzz out of getting the paperwork done so you can engage in commercial fishing. Filling the right forms is now easier than ever, as you can find every single documentation process on the permits website. Keep in mind that you need to be a US citizen to apply for federal documentation.

Our website also provides the forms needed to pursue specific commercial fishing permits. You can look for the form you need depending on the region you are willing to fish in. Permits may be state or federal.

The Commercial Fishing Permits Center, At Your Service

If you happen to have any further questions regarding commercial fishing, you can ask us at any time. We provide assistance and help for boat owners to organize their paperwork and documentation.

Our newer technology and SSL encryption allow you to fill the forms safely. Our top priority is to protect our client’s information at all times.

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