Vessel Documentation Reinstatement for Commercial Fishing

vessel documentation reinstatement

Were you over relaxed and now you have to reinstate your certificate of documentation instead of renewing it? No worries, the Commercial Fishing Permits Center (CFPC) has your back. If you need to get a vessel documentation reinstatement, this article is going to cover what to do when your COD expires and how to prevent it from happening again.

What is a Vessel Documentation Reinstatement?

A vessel documentation reinstatement is a formal document that allows you to restore the boat’s Certificate of Documentation (COD) and return the vessel to an active status. This form is only used when the expiration date on the COD has past 30 days from its expiration date. This form allows no changes to be made on the COD other than an address change of the managing owner.

How to Get a Vessel Documentation Reinstatement?

Whether you need a commercial or recreational vessel documentation reinstatement you will need to complete a specific form for it. You will be asked to provide the vessel’s name, Official Number from the US Coast Guard, Hull Identification Number (HIN), International Maritime Organization Number and hailing port specifying the state.

Other than that, you will need to provide some personal information from the managing owner of the boat, like his email address, phone number, mailing address, etcetera.

Lastly, you will need to inform the purpose of the application (which will obviously be reinstatement of the certificate of documentation following failure to renew) and the primary use of the boat, that will be, in our case, commercial.

vessel documentation reinstatement

Where to Get you Vessel Documentation Reinstatement for Commercial Fishing

A few reasons may have caused you to fail to submit your Certificate of Documentation Renewal on time. Sometimes you just can’t deal with everything simultaneously. If that was your case, and you need to apply for vessel documentation reinstatement, we can help you out.

Our Commercial Fishing Permits Center provides you with all kinds of forms and applications to keep your ship’s documentation up to date. Not only the different state and federal permits can be obtained here, but also all of the US Coast Guard Documentation.

The friendly and interactive design lets you navigate easily. It works excellent on desktop computers and cellphones as well. Don’t get overwhelmed searching for applications on the internet. We provide everything you need.

The application process is pretty simple: you head back to the home page and press the button that says “USCG Documentation” on the top right.

You then complete the online forms, submit your docs and fees and you’re done! We will submit your documentation to the proper authorities. We will keep you updated as to their current wait list times.


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