West Coast Commercial Fishing Permits for Highly Migratory Species

west coast commercial fishing permits

Are you looking for West Coast commercial fishing permits, but can’t find the ones that you want? Have you felt that everywhere advertising that they can help you with fishing permits actually can’t? Here at the Commercial Fishing Permits center, we take pride in our responsibility to make it easier to get the permits that you need for your business. That’s true wherever your fishing business takes you. While we have many popular permits, one that’s absolutely high in our rankings: permits for highly migratory species in the Pacific. 

West Coast Commercial Fishing Permits 

When we say that this is a “West Coast” permit, we mean that literally. This permit is required for vessels that fish for highly migratory species off of the coasts of Oregon, California, and Washington, as well as in their land, too. Moreover, you need to have the permit on board your vessel. Having It back at the office or something isn’t enough. There is only one exception to this: if the permit was issued while you were out to sea. That said, you do need to have the permit every subsequent time you go out fishing.

Vessels, Equipment, and Ownership 

This is one of the permits we offer that goes with the vessel and not the permit owner. So, if you get this permit for your vessel, it is literally just for that vessel. You can’t take the permit and then be in compliance if you’re fishing with another vessel. By that same token, you have to be eligible to own a documented vessel to hold this permit, too. If you have any questions about that, we’ll be more than happy to answer those. 

The Right Endorsement for the Job 

You may need extra endorsements for this permit depending on how you’re going to fish. For example, if you’re going to utilize a deep-set longline, then you’re going to need a High Seas Fishing Compliance Act permit (which you can also find at our site) as well as a Marine Mammal Authorization Program certificate. Should you choose to utilize Drift Gillnet, then you’ll need that Marine Mammal permit as well as a Federal Limited entry Drift Gillnet permit. Of course, if you want to fish by hook and line, you don’t need any additional endorsement. 

An Easier Way to Go Through the Permit Process 

You may have read through this blog and thought: “those are a lot of permits that are mentioned.” That’s a fact of life when it comes to commercial fishing – there are many permits, many necessary licenses. Moreover, plenty of them has different rules, expiration dates, and more. No matter which permits you to need, we’re on your side. We’ll be able to help you through every step of the process, from picking the right permits, to filling out the forms, to making sure they get to you faster. If you have any questions, you can reach us at (866) 292-4204 or fill out our contact form. 

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