West Coast Federal Commercial Fishing Permits for Highly Migratory Species

West Coast Federal Commercial Fishing

Setting out for a day on the water requires meticulous preparation. Ensuring your equipment is in top-notch condition, your crew is ready, and your vessels are shipshape is only part of the equation. Just like you wouldn’t embark on a fishing expedition without a functional engine, neglecting the necessity of the right permits could jeopardize your entire venture. Here, we offer a wide range of west coast federal commercial fishing permits among others. 

Essentially, no matter what you’re fishing for on the west coast or elsewhere, you can find the forms that your business needs. Below, we touch on some permits that are specifically for targeting “highly migratory species” among others. 

Species Under the Permit’s Umbrella and Where They Roam

The term “highly migratory species” encapsulates many species in the Pacific Ocean, featuring sharks, swordfish, tunas, and billfish. As you might surmise, this spans a substantial scope of commercial fishing opportunities. 

These permits empower you to engage in this lucrative pursuit within the Exclusive Economic Zone off of the west coast, extending approximately 200 nautical miles off the shores of Washington, Oregon, and California. This vast expanse is teeming with potential, offering a compelling reason why these permits rank among our most sought-after offerings.

Key Permit Details

Securing this permit comes with a crucial caveat: it must be physically present on your vessel. Relying on a digital image or a mere copy won’t suffice if an authorized officer requests an inspection. The lone exception to this rule arises if the permit was issued while you were already at sea. 

This scenario, facilitated by our mobile-optimized platform, allows applicants to conveniently apply from virtually anywhere. However, a tangible copy becomes mandatory for subsequent expeditions. If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them. 

Renewal Protocols for Long-Term Assurance

Validity spans two years, a timeframe that might slip the minds of many vessel owners amid the bustling demands of the industry. Recognizing this potential lapse, we offer a proactive renewal service, enabling you to extend the permit’s validity simply, quickly, and, if possible, for multiple years in advance. 

This proactive approach serves as an additional layer of protection for your commercial pursuits, ensuring regulatory compliance and uninterrupted operations.

Comprehensive West Coast Federal Commercial Fishing Permit Solutions

Embark on your commercial fishing ventures with confidence, armed with the right permits tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the West Coast’s highly migratory species. At our digital hub, we’re committed to streamlining your regulatory processes, so you can focus on what matters most—reeling in the bounty of the ocean.

While the highly migratory species permit may be an important component of your business, it’s just one facet of our extensive repertoire of commercial fishing permits. Whether your endeavors take you to the Pacific islands, the Atlantic Ocean, or beyond, our site is your one-stop destination for all the permits essential to your operations. 

To see how we can help at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, click here.

West Coast Federal Commercial Fishing

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