West Coast Federal Commercial Fishing Permits: Sablefish Ahoy

West Coast federal commercial fishing permits

Have you been fishing sablefish in Alaska and are starting to think about moving your business to the West Coast? Or, have you been fishing for other species and are starting to realize just how much you could make with sablefish? No matter the case, you can find the permits you’ll need to be in compliance when you fish sablefish right at our site. The Commercial Fishing Permits Center has all of the West Coast federal commercial fishing permits you might need, as well as those for the East Coast, too. 

Fishing for Sablefish in Alaska and the West Coast 

The truth is that, as of this writing, Pacific Coast sablefish are near the target level while Alaskan sablefish are below the target level. So, that means the rules are different in each location. For example, in Alaska, regulations severely limit the amount of incidentally caught and discarded fish. On the West Coast, there are daily trips for some vessels but not for others. Additionally, there are coast-wide catch limits for some gear types, different fishing groups, and so forth. If you have any questions about what the exact rules are for your vessel, gear, species of fish, or anything else, our staff is happy to help. 

Necessary West Coast Federal Commercial Fishing Permits for Sablefish 

In particular in the sablefish primary season for limited entry fixed gear fishery, you need to have a Sablefish-endorsed Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery limited entry permit. Those are a lot of very official-sounding words. Don’t let them intimidate you. The truth is that if you have a non-sablefish endorsed LEP fixed-gear permit, you can still catch sablefish. You’ll just do so against the daily and weekly limit fishery. 

Groundfish Sablefish Ownership Interest 

That’s the Sablefish form that you’ll find at our site. With this, you can get the access you need to be in compliance for the amount of Groundfish Sablefish that you want to catch on the West Coast. We know that, when it comes to documentation, commercial fishing experts like yourself would probably do anything other than fill out these forms. So, we’ve made it easier and quicker than ever to do just that: you can complete these forms on your computer, your smartphone, or really any other kind of device, as long as you’re connected to the internet. 

All of the Forms You May Need 

Fishing for sablefish includes following many rules and regulations. For example, should the NOAA notify you that you have to carry an observer, you can’t fish for groundfish without having one on your vessel. The best way to stay in compliance with the authorities, of course, is to make sure that all of your documentation is completely taken care of before you go out on the water. That’s where we come in. You can use our site to find the forms you need, fill them out, and then make sure that they go to the right place. If you have any questions, call (866) 292-4204 or send us an email. 

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