Western Pacific Island Federal Commercial Fishing: Facts to Know

pacific island federal commercial fishing

Have you been looking to expand your commercial fishing operations into the Pacific Island regions? Are you in the middle of researching and gathering information about Pacific Island Federal commercial fishing permits and want a source you can trust?  That’s what we aim to be here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center. We’ve helped commercial fishing experts the world over to be able to fish for what they want in full compliance with the powers that be. There are some unique regulations and rules in the Pacific Island Region. 

Permits for Fishing for HMS on the High Seas in Certain Areas 

If you plan on fishing for highly migratory species (HMS) in the WCPFC (Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission) Convention Area, then you’re going to want a valid Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Area Endorsement. For clarification, the “WCPFC Convention Area” includes “all of the waters of the Pacific Ocean that are bounded to the south and east by a line that runs from the south coast of Australia due south along the 141 meridian of east longitude to its intersection with the 55 parallel of south latitude.” With a valid High Seas Fishing Compliance Act Permit, you can use this form to take full advantage of opportunities. 

Western Pacific Island Federal Commercial Fishing Species and Opportunities 

We know that when you’re out fishing in the Pacific Island Region, many commercial fishing professionals are fishing for multiple species. That’s just one of the reasons that we offer as many permits as possible for the Pacific Island Region. For example, you can find the permits you need here to fish in the Western Pacific for Pelagic Squid, Precious Corals, Deepwater Shrimp, Lobsters, and even a General Longline permit. If it’s out there in the Western waters, we’ve got the permits that can help you fish for it.  

Permits for When You Go Beyond the Western Pacific Islands 

That said, we understand that there are some opportunities that go a bit beyond the borders of the “Western Pacific Island Region,” too. To that end, we offer a “Foreign EEZ” form. This commercial fishing permit enables you to fish for highly migratory species in the WCPFC Convention Area in any areas that are under the jurisdiction of some country that is not the United States. That way, you can fish for profits from practically anywhere. 

A Better Way to Get the Permits Your Fishing Business Need, Period 

Speaking of actions that you can take from practically anywhere, that’s how the Commercial Fishing Permits Center works. You can use our site to fill out the forms you need from practically anywhere, so long as you’re connected to the internet at the time. Don’t worry about filling out these forms too fast, either – our document processor team can find and fix any errors your forms maybe before we pass them along to the authorities. Any questions about how this works? If so, call us at (866) 292-4204.

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