What Boat Documentation is Required to Dispose of a US Registered Vessel?

boat documentation

Should you ever find yourself in the position of wanting or needing to dispose of a US-registered vessel, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that there are a few individual stages to complete as well as regulations to follow in order to do it legally and properly. Not only are there rules to follow when it comes to dealing with the physical mass of the boat itself, but there are also rules to follow in terms of the boat documentation that you need to have in place in order to keep your activities above board (so to speak!). Before you begin to proceed, it’s vital you understand your commitment to dealing with the boat documentation that is required to dispose of a US-registered vessel.

There Are Weight Considerations

One of the first stipulations to consider is the fact that the United States Coast Guard requires official documentation for any vessel that exceeds 25 gross tons. This comes in the form of a Certificate of Inspection that gets issued by the US Coast Guard and it is required by several different states in the US. This is a vital piece of documentation to have as insuring a boat that hasn’t been properly recorded is a very difficult and sometimes impossible task.

Methods of Vessel Disposal

There are typically two types of disposal that are undertaken when wanting to get rid of a boat, and these are dismantling and sinking. Keep in mind that the latter is just another name for essentially ‘rubbish disposal’, whilst the former involves the breaking down of various parts and components of the boat. These parts can then be sold off for junk somewhere like a scrapyard. Before you make a decision about which disposal method to employ, you should think about what the total value of the junk parts might be, and whether it is actually worth your time.

boat documentation

Removing the Vessel From The Database

You will need to complete a CG-4593 form in order to remove the details of your boat from the national database. The link to the relevant form can be found here. The form is a simple one to fill out, with just the basic amounts of information required including things like vessel name and official number, details of the reason why you want the vessel to be deleted from the roll, and a simple authorized e-signature. A modest fee is charged for the completion of this form, and there are further options that can be processed for additional fees including rush processing, abstract of title, and certified copy of the documentation.

For all and any other queries relating to boat documentation, don’t hesitate to visit the US Vessel Documentation Center website where you will find all of the answers and information that you are looking for. It is essential to make sure that all of your vessel-related documents are always valid and in order, and we can help to assist you with everything to do with that very important aspect of boat ownership.

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