What Commercial Fishing Boat Owners Need to Know About Vessel Documentation Renewal

essel Documentation Renewal

Just like with a car, truck, or SUV, owning a commercial fishing boat means renewing your documents from time to time. This is important, as current paperwork is a vital part of legally owning and operating a boat and is especially important if you rely on your vessel for your livelihood. If you’re a new boat owner or need clarification regarding vessel documentation renewal, you are in the right place. This guide will give you the most pertinent information about renewing your commercial fishing boat documentation on time.

What Renewal Form Do I Need?

Being sure you have the right form is an important step in the process. Not only will it ensure that the process goes smoothly and is completed on time, but it can also save you extra fees and the risk of using your boat without current paperwork. As a commercial fishing boat, the correct form for documentation renewal is the CG 1280 Renewal of Certificate of Documentation. Understanding the form is important so keep reading to find out how to get it submitted properly. 

When to Submit the Form

The most important thing to keep in mind with your renewal form is that it must be submitted before your current certificate expires. The CG 1280 allows you to sail your boat between states, which you won’t be allowed to do if your documentation has expired. It takes some time for the Coast Guard to process your documentation renewal form so allow for several weeks to months for the renewal to go through. That means staying on top of the expiration so you can send in your CG 1280 well ahead of time. Setting a reminder on your smartphone or in your calendar can help you remember. 

Have the Right Paperwork Available

When you submit your CG 1280 renewal form, you may need additional paperwork to accompany it. Having this ready-to-go speeds up the process of renewal and ensures that it gets done in a timely manner. Commercial boats also have to provide information on the boat so that the United States Coast Guard can determine if it meets all of the necessary standards for commercial fishing in the country. Have your Certificate of Documentation handy when you prepare your renewal form. 

essel Documentation Renewal

Inspection Records

You should also have all of your inspection records available to go with your CG 1280 renewal form. This lets the Coast Guard know that your commercial fishing vessel meets all necessary requirements, at both the state and federal level. Your inspection must have been passed sometime in the previous 24 months so be sure you stay up to date with the inspection process well before it’s time for renewal. This must be done by a regulated and approved agency so make sure you find one with the qualifications necessary to make the inspection valid. 

Vessel documentation renewal doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or stressful task. It’s a straightforward procedure that you can get done fairly quickly without having to worry about your documents expiring. If you need more help facilitating the process, contact the Commercial Fishing Permits Center today. We’re here to assist you however we can. 

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