What You Can Do With an Alabama Commercial Fishing License from Our Site

Alabama Commercial Fishing License

Do you want a simpler way to handle your Alabama? Alligator dealer and farmer permits? Have you been searching for an easier Alabama commercial fishing license process? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, our permits center can help. We don’t just offer the applications for the Alabama permits that your business needs, we also provide an easier way to complete these forms as well. 

Mussels, Minnows, and More 

If you’re going to buy, take, catch, or attempt to take or catch any kind of mussel or mollusk on Alabama freshwaters, we’ve got you covered. With our “Mussel Buyer” and “Mussel Catcher” permits, you can apply to be able to perform all of those actions legally. If you want minnows to be used as bait whether inside Alabama or in other states, you can do that with our “Minnow and/or Live Fish Dealer” form. To be clear, this makes it possible for someone who isn’t a resident of Alabama to buy, raise, breed, or propagate those minnows, as well as catch purchase, raise, propagate, breed, or possess live fish for the purpose of stock or restocking any freshwater fish of state as well. 

Alligator Opportunities 

Of course, we have multiple permits for alligators in Alabama. Each of our permits makes it possible for you to profit from Alabama alligators in a different way. For example, the “Alligator Retailer” permit makes it possible for you to purchase alligator parts and also to sell canned alligator parts, too. By that same token, the “Alligator Parts Dealer” form makes it so that you perform a plethora of services. From buying parts from an alligator farmer for resale to as well as purchasing, canning, processing, and distributing alligator meat for wholesale or retail. Speaking of “alligator farmers,” we have permits for that, too. 

Game Fish and Non-Game Fish Permits 

Our goal is to offer easier access to as many permits as possible. So, we have the permits that make it possible for you to sell game fish that were raised in hatcheries and sold for stocking of ponds and lakes as well as those non-native game fish that have been raised for human consumption in farm ponds (“Sale of Pond Raised Game Fish” form.) Additionally, you’ll find we have the “Nongame Freshwater Fish Dealer” form, which makes it possible for you to sell non-game freshwater fish that have been taken from public waters. These fish can be living or not with this permit. 

Alabama Commercial Fishing License

Commercial Fishing Permits for Far Beyond Alabama 

All throughout Alabama waters, there’s an opportunity for commercial fishing professionals. That said, there are plenty of commercial fishing opportunities all throughout the rest of the country as well. You can find the forms that your business may desire for national operations as well. All of the forms, no matter what state or location they’re for, are easy to fill out in just minutes flat on essentially any kind of device. To see how we can help, click here. 

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