Why PA Commercial Fishing Costs Can Increase in 2023?

commercial fishing

As inflation continues to persist, Americans are feeling the pinch in their wallet. Between the price of gas and groceries, costs are going up nearly across the board. In Pennsylvania, commercial fishing licenses could be next in line for an elevated price tag. If you happen to make your livelihood in commercial fishing, you are probably keenly aware of the high operating costs that can impact your business. While it may seem relatively minor, a more expensive fishing license is just one more item to include in your overhead. Still, that money does go to a specific cause, and it is prudent for you as a citizen to know what your licensing fees are being spent on. 

A Proposal by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) is tasked with issuing licenses to fishermen and boaters in the Keystone state. These regulations are in place to both generate revenue for the state and to take measures to conserve Pennsylvania’s waterways and fisheries. 

In order to boost the agency’s funding, the PFBC is proposing an increase of $2.50 for fishing licenses. The first increase in nearly 17 years, this proposal would raise the total cost of a fishing license to $23.50 from the previous rate of $21. Citing the rising costs of fuel and fish food, the agency claims this cost is keeping pace with inflation. 

The cost of trout stamps, specifically, could also go up by $2.50. For non-residents, the cost of a fishing license would go up by $4, rounding out the price of an annual pass at $51. 

A Couple of Dollars Could Go a Long Way

While these price increases seem like a small squeeze on an individual level, it could be a potential windfall for the PFBC. The agency believes this increase will bring in an additional $2.65 million annually. The PFBC is also exploring the idea of raising the costs of boat permits and ownership transfers.

With more than half a million fishing permits issued in 2021, Pennsylvania remains a marquee fishing destination. Lake Erie, in particular, is an evergreen commercial fishing habitat, and businesses are expected to continue operating on its waters.

commercial fishing

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