Your Federal Fishing License, State by State

federal fishing license

As any fisherman knows, you go where the fish are biting. For commercial fishermen, meeting their consumers’ needs can mean they will need to fish in multiple states. If your New England commercial fishing or trapping business has presented you with such a scenario, you will need to obtain the appropriate federal fishing license.

Just as you would not get behind the wheel of a car without a driver’s license, you should not drop nets or lines in more than one state in New England without the right documentation in place. Read on to learn more about fishing requirements, state by state. 


Fishing in Connecticut waters requires that anglers are licensed in Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, or Connecticut. For a year-long freshwater license, residents will need to pay $28, while the fee for non-residents is $55. All-waters permits are also available, as are trout and salmon stamps for using designated fisheries.

federal fishing license


Anyone over the age of 16 who wants to fish on saltwater in Maine will require a recreational fishing registration. Fortunately, if you happen to have a current freshwater license, you can fish the saltwater tidal areas without seeking out an additional registration. To do this, you will simply need to answer the requisite questioning on your freshwater license.


In the state of Massachusetts, getting a marine license is $10 for residents and non-residents alike, provided they are over the age of 16. In certain cases, fishing licenses and permits from neighboring New England states offer viable forms of alternative registration. Year-long freshwater permits are also available for residents and non-residents.

New York

New York does not charge a fee for anglers 16 and up to register with the marine fishing registry. The state of New York’s marine waters are also incorporated into the National Marine Fishing Service database, which makes permit matters easier for registered fishermen. Year-long freshwater licenses are also available, and license holders in Connecticut and Rhode Island are able to enjoy registration reciprocity. 

Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, freshwater fishing licenses are due for renewal every year on March 1st. The cost for a freshwater fishing license is $18 for in-state residents and $35 for non-residents. Trout stamps, for fishing in designated trout areas, are available for a fee of $5.50. For short-term visitors, 7-day licenses are available, and registrations from many neighboring states are considered viable.

Work with Us Today to Get Your Federal Fishing License

With so many different types of licenses to keep track of, submitting your applications and registrations can be a complicated endeavor. By working with a private service such as ours at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, you can greatly simplify this process. We offer a wide array of forms for different commercial fishing permits in a number of geographic regions. We also utilize an SSL-encrypted web portal, so your information is transmitted to the appropriate agency in a safe and secure manner. To learn more, contact one of our customer service representatives.

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