Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits: The World of Weathervane Scallops

Alaska commercial fishing permits

Have you just gotten into fishing for Weathervane Scallops and aren’t sure how to get in compliance with the authorities? Or, alternatively, has it become time to renew your Alaska commercial fishing permits and you want to get it done quickly as well as competently? Over the years, the Commercial Fishing Permits center has helped plenty of commercial fishing pros like yourself to be able to fish the waters and species they want. 

Why Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits are So Important 

Simply put, there’s money in fishing scallops. That’s true just about anywhere. However, in Alaska, you can make a lot fishing for scallops. Folks know that. In fact, so many have done so that the authorities have had to come up with these permits to try and limit it. So, you’ll need what’s called an “SLPP” (Scallop License Limitation Program) to be able to enter the scallop fisheries in Federal waters off of Alaska. This has been done explicitly to “limit the number of participants and reduce fishing capacity in the scallop fisher off Alaska.” As with so many other forms, you can find it at our site. 

Fishing Scallops Early, Fishing Scallops Often 

At the beginning of every fishing season, “GHLs” (Guideline Harvest Levels) are set. Once those are met, then the fisheries close. That’s it. You can’t argue or force your way in. Furthermore, a strong majority of Alaska scallop fisheries have crab bycatch limits. Why is that a big deal? Because the scallop fisheries close when the GHLs OR the bycatch limits are met. The last thing you want is to get everything you need to successfully enter the scallop fishery only to find that it’s been closed for the season. That’s why we always, where possible, encourage commercial fishing professionals to send in these forms early. 

An Easier Way to Apply for Fishery Access 

You might have read the last paragraph and thought: “yes, I know I have to send these forms in as early as possible. But, with my schedule, it’s just hard, if not impossible, to find the time to do so.” That’s perfectly understandable. Indeed, it’s just one of the reasons that we made our site mobile optimized. That way, you can fill out these forms from practically anywhere. So, you can be on the dock, at the bay, or even on your vessel – so long as you have an internet connection, you can apply for these permits and more. 

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