California Commercial Fishing Permits: World of West Coast Opportunity

California Commercial Fishing Permits

California, in the southwest part of the United States, stretches from the Mexican border along the Pacific Coast for almost 900 miles. The city of Los Angeles is the seat of the Hollywood entertainment industry, and Hilly San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz island. The terrain includes cliff-lined beaches, redwood forests, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley farmland, the Mojave Desert, and, of course, plenty of fish. This article will then center on the California Commercial Fishing Permits you need for your business.

State Commercial Fishing Permits in California

To begin with, there is a distinction that should be noted between state and federal waters. On one hand, there are several California Commercial Fishing Permits that will allow you to seek fish in freshwaters and in the area compounded from the coastline up to 3 nautical miles from shore. The permits are issued by the Department of Fish and Wildlife of the California Natural Resources Agency. You can check the complete list of permits that can be obtained at our site here. We will, however, list you some of the most common ones:

  • California Halibut Bottom Trawl Vessel
  • Dungeness Crab Vessel
  • General Gill/Trammel Net
  • Lobster Operator
  • Market Squid Vessel
  • Nearshore Fishery
  • Northern Pink Shrimp Trawl
  • Pacific Herring
  • Salmon Vessel
  • Sea Cucumber (Dive or Trawl)
  • Sea Urchin Diving
  • Southern Rock Crab Trap
  • Spot Prawn Trap (Tier 1, 2, & 3)

Federal Commercial Fishing Permits in California

When it comes to Commercial Fishing Permits, California is part of the West coast region. The issuing of the licenses is up to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which regulates the federal waters of our country. The permits they issue cover the area from when the state waters end (3 nautical miles from shore) up to 200 nautical miles from shore (when international waters start). Some of the most used permits in the area, are the following:

  • Groundfish Individual Fishing Quota Vessel Account Registration
  • Groundfish Trawl Rationalization Ownership Interest
  • Groundfish Limited Entry Change of Ownership Vessel Registration
  • Pacific Highly Migratory Species Permits
  • Groundfish Mothership Cooperative Permit
  • Tuna Treaty Permit
  • Groundfish Observer Catch Monitor Provider Permit
  • Coastal Pelagic Species Limited Entry Permit
  • Groundfish Sablefish Ownership Interest

California Commercial Fishing Permits

You Can Get your Documentation at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center

As we previously stated, these two types of permits can be obtained at the Department of Fish and Wildlife of the California Natural Resources Agency and the NOAA. There is, however, a third alternative. Nobody likes having to deal with government agencies, and two of them can even be worse. Luckily for you, the Commercial Fishing Permits Center can help you out.

We are a third-party agency that takes care of everything related to commercial fishing documentation. We can help you get your California Commercial Fishing Permits in no time. Just reach out to us and let us do the work for you!

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