Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission

commercial fisheries entry commission

Alaska is made for commercial fishing. The sheer number of fish, in so many different species, makes it one of the best places to fish in not just America but the world. However, if you want to fish in Alaska, for the most part, you have to go through the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission. That’s not always easy. They have a lot on their plate, so to speak, which means that the process could go slower than maybe you would like, for both you and your business. That’s why we offer a better way to get the documentation that you need. 

Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission

If you’ve gone to their site or looked at it recently, the Commission’s site is not state of the art. That’s perfectly understandable; they have so much under their purview. We know that as a person in the commercial fishing industry, your time is precious and valuable. So, to make things easier, we’ve optimized our site for mobile devices. That means you can go through our site on practically any kind of phone, tablet, or more, so long as you have a connection to the internet. If you do, then you’ll be able to access and complete any of our Alaskan commercial fishing permits. 

Document Processors 

We’re willing to bet that you did not get into Alaskan commercial fishing because you enjoyed filling out forms. For so many folks in the commercial fishing industry, filling out permits is a chore at best. It’s perfectly understandable if you make a mistake here or there, a typo, a spelling error, something like that. Unfortunately, those are exactly the kinds of things that can get your forms returned to you without the documentation you want. So, we’ve hired the best document processors possible. These folks will look over your forms, find any errors (if there are any) and then fix them before they go on to the Entry Commission or any other governmental body. That way, you can spend even less time filling out forms. 

More than Annual Renewal 

For many commercial fishing permits (but not all of them) they need to be renewed year after year. Hopefully, you remember and get it done in time. However, you’re busy, you’re always on the go, and missing a deadline can happen. Instead of letting this have consequences for your business, you can use our service to renew them for many years in advance. Then, when the deadlines come, we’ll make sure that is taken care of for you. 

Documentation Beyond the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission 

The above blog covers what you need to do to stay in compliance with commercial fishing in parts of Alaska. However, our site is called “Commercial Fishing Permits” and not “Commercial Fishing Permits Just for Alaska.” You can find permits at our site for fishing all throughout the United States and beyond. To see what we offer or talk one on one with a professional: (866) 292-4204. 

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