Pacific island Commercial Fishing Permits For Limited Entry

pacific island commercial fishing permits

Have you been looking for an easier, simpler way to get the Pacific Island commercial fishing permits you need to make more money? Has it felt like you’ve spent way, way too much time in the past just filling a few forms out? We believe that professional commercial fishing professionals should be able to spend more of their time, well, fishing commercially in a professional capacity and less sitting in front of a computer screen. That’s just one of the reasons we made it so much easier for folks from all over to apply for the permits that they need. 

Pacific Island Commercial Fishing Permits

Don’t let the name of this permit fool you – it actually enables you to fish in with longline gear in an EEZ that may be bigger than you think. To wit, you’ll be able to longline fish in the EEZ around the Northern Mariana Islands, the Pacific Remote Island Areas, and Guam. Additionally, you’ll be able to land the catch in those areas, too. That said, you can’t use it in the Hawaii longline fishery – that’s a different form. 

Who Can Use it and How 

These permits are in high demand as there are only 60 permits, which are distributed among four separate vessel size classes. The good news for those trying to get in: the permits can be transferred from one person to another. You can renew these permits, and, better still, you don’t have to do it annually, either. These permits last for three years. To renew them, you need to meet certain minimum landing requirements as well as have an up-to-date Protected Species Workshop certificate, too. 

What You’ll Need When You Go Out on the Water 

With many of these permits, there are various actions you’ll have to take in the day-to-day course of fishing in certain circumstances. For example, if your vessel is 50 feet or longer, you must carry an operational vessel monitoring system on board. Within 72 hours of returning to port, you have to maintain and submit the Western Pacific longline logbook to the powers that be. We understand that there are a lot of laws and regulations around just one permit. If you have any questions, our professionals will be more than happy to answer them. 

Commercial Fishing Permits and More 

This is just one of the many commercial fishing permits we offer for the Pacific Islands. To make it even easier on commercial fishing professionals like yourself, you can fill out these forms from anywhere, provided you’re connected to the internet. So, you can fill them out from the passenger seat of a car, port, or even if you’re on the vessel itself. To help further, we have document processors on staff who can through all of your forms, find if there are any small errors, and fix them post-haste. For more information, you can call us at (866) 292-4204.

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