South Commercial Fishing Permits for Live Rock Aquaculture

south commercial fishing permits

Are you looking to grow your fishing business beyond, well, fish? Have you heard about opportunities for live rock aquaculture but don’t know what rules and regulations govern this commercial activity? While we offer any number of different kinds of South commercial fishing permits, this is one of the few that allows you to fish for rocks. While this may sound a bit odd at first, it can actually be a great financial opportunity. As with so many other forms of commercial fishing activities, you can find what you need right here. 

South Commercial Fishing Permits

Have you ever looked in an aquarium, seen one of the rocks in there and wondered: “how did they choose that rock?” It very well could have been through the process of live rock aquaculture. Rocks that have been in the ocean for periods of time can be colonized. Specifically, they can be colonized by beneficial organisms and bacteria. This can make them lucrative indeed; a real boon to aquariums and fish owners. This permit allows you to be in compliance when you “fish” for these rocks in the South water. 

How the Permit Works 

Often, with commercial fishing permits, we tell our customers: “you want to file for this permit as soon as possible.” That’s because having one of these permits can be lucrative indeed, and the sooner you have one of these permits, the sooner you can start making money. With this permit, however, you may want to look at a calendar first. These permits expire on December 16th of the year that they’re issued. That’s not something that can be negotiated or reasoned away – they expire on December 16th. Remember: you’ll also need Coast Guard documentation or valid state registration, too. 

New Permits and Replacement Ones 

Whether you’re expanding into live rock aquaculture or renewing your permits, you’ll be able to do it at our site. Currently, there is no moratorium on these permits. So, you can file for a new one at our site. Then, before December 16th rules around, you’ll be able to renew that permit, too, so that you can continue live rock aquaculture into the next year. That’s not the only way we can help to make the process easier. You can use our site from just about anywhere on any device – so long as you have access to the internet. 

South Commercial Fishing Permits for the High Seas 

The southern waters, in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and beyond, hold any number of fish species. You can find just about all of the permits you’ll need for them at our site. In many cases, not only can you acquire the permits, but, like the one for live rock aquaculture, you’ll be able to renew them time and again. To see all that we offer at our one-stop shop Commercial Fishing Permits Center, head to our site. For more: (866) 292-4204.

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